About me….

I’am a pyrotechnician and show designer.

Fireworks display is my passion from an early age. I have a lot of experience in this industry. I worked at the biggest shows in Poland. On this page I will describe my person and present my experience with fireworks.


A brief description of me

• In 2010, so then I had 12 years old I opened a YouTube channel → MajsterD12 
I completely devoted this channel to the topic of fireworks.

• At the same time I do a lot on internet forums devoted to pyrotechnics eg. “forumfajerwerki.pl” as a user: “MajsterD12”

• Thanks to my parents I was able to travel to pyrotechnic festivals to watch and learn from from specialists. I have been many times at festivals such as:

Pyromagic – In Szczecin
Water and Fire  in Elk And Ustka
Władcy Ognia in Bielsko-Biała
Ignis Brunensis in Brno, Czech Republic

This is only few events where I were. I saw a lot fireworks display (tens of smaller displays)

•  When I was about 13 years old I got acquainted with a pyrotechnic company near my city – KORSARZ and NAKAJA ART. I had the opportunity to learn and later work on shows. I created shows from scratch – from designing to preparing and firing the show.

• Due to my activity in the world of pyrotechnics, I became an editor and photojournalist on the PolskieFajerwerki.net website.


We like to make it easy


Years of experience 



Realized displays



You Manage

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Additional advantages

• teamwork
• hard-working, accuracy, patience, efficiency
• driving license, category B (car up to 3.5 tonnes). Experience driving delivery car eg. Iveco Daily Maxi
• solving problems, dealing with difficult situations

System that I know how to shooting: 

– FireMaster
– Explo
– RFremontech 32

Permission for the use of explosives for civil use