About me….
Mateusz Pielesz

I’am a 25 years old pyrotechnician and show designer from Poland

Fireworks display is my passion from an early age. I have a lot of experience in this industry. I worked at the biggest shows in Poland. On this page I will describe my person and present my experience with fireworks.


A brief description of me

– I started working on fireworks display at the age 16.
– I learned in a pyrotechnic company which I later hired – KORSARZ   & NAKAJA-ART  (two companies one boss)
I went through training and passed the state examination confirming my professional qualifications as a fireworks display pyrotechnics
– I did shows, design fireworks displays
– Realization fireworks displays for: wedding, for cities, companies, festivals
– Work at the largest events in Poland such as: WIANKI, Lech Fire Festival and many others.
– Foreign festivals such as in Potsdam

– From 2021 I started my own company – Fuego Fajerwerki – in which during the season I mainly do fireworks displays for wedding or events, but also year-round sales.

Additional advantages

• teamwork
• hard-working, accuracy, patience, efficiency
• driving license, category B (car up to 3.5 tonnes). Experience driving delivery car eg. Iveco Daily Maxi
• solving problems, dealing with difficult situations
• Languages: English and I’m starting to learn Spanish


Firing system used:

– Explo
– FireMaster

– RFremontech 32

Other interest:
– Fashion photography: https://mateuszpielesz.com/

En España tengo numero NIE y SS




Permission for the use of explosives for civil use